Chanel Through the Years

As I was attempting to hide from my problems this morning (college work), I decided to catch up on all the shows from fashion week last month that I so terribly missed because of college.  The first show I automatically went to check first was Chanel.  I decided then I would do a blog appreciation post on Chanel & look at my favourite looks through the years. Chanel has forever been a powerful fashion house & is always the most anticipated show in Paris.  Under Karl Lagerfeld’s reign, the Chanel shows are memorable and perfectly epitomize wealth and luxury. Enjoy some of Karl’s finest collections!

1980s: Lagerfeld’s Big Debut

Karl Lagerfeld’s first show took place in 1983 when he made his mark on Chanel forever.   His debut collection was praised by everyone, including the New York Time’s who wrote “Lagerfeld guides Chanel into the 80’s”.  It’s since then Lagerfeld has undoubtedly never failed to impress the world with his fresh take on clothes & his artistic vision.


Chanel (Couture) 1987 Evening Gown, Chandelier Jewels... ah yes, it's Inès De La Fressange!:


Chanel VTG 1988:


1990s: The Rise of the Supermodels

The 1990s is by far my favourite decade for Chanel this was the dawn of the supermodels. Pink tweed, skimpy bikinis, and pearl chokers dominated this decade & our supermodel favourites: Linda, Cindy, Kate & Claudia represented this time perfectly.   Chanel portrayed the aspirational  lifestyle particularly well during this time period.




Chanel A/W 1991Model : Linda Evangelista:


80s-90s-supermodels: “Chanel S/S 1994 Model : Naomi Campbell ”:


Carla Bruni......pretty sure this was before she became the First Lady of France.....hope she does NOT wear this outfit as I was planning to wear it myself!:




From early 2000s up until now, 2017 we have seen the Chanel shows really transform. The rise of Instagram celebrity models have now allowed for luxury brands and aspirational lifestyles to feel almost accessible.


Fall 2002




Image result for chanel campaign 2015


Image result for chanel campaign 2016


Image result for chanel cruise 2017


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